Government Solutions
Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC, is an authorized government reseller for numerous
manufactures of computer hardware and software, equipment rental and leasing available for sell to
federal government, state, local, municipal, K-12, universities and colleges etc.... via GSA Schedule
70 (TX MAS), Texas DIR and PEPPM, IT/Telecom Staffing.
GSA Schedule 70 Contract services Dell, NEC, HPI, Panasonic, Lenovo, Bosch, LifeSize, LG,
Sony, Samsung, Adtran, Symantec, Viewsonic, GVision, OKi Data, Visioneer, Eaton, NexGen,
Lexmark, CradlePoint, BTI, Wyse, Fujitsu, Microsoft, InFocus, GFI Software, over 176 manufactures
for Hardware, Software, Maintenance/Repair, Warranty, Software License, Equipment Rental,
Leasing and more.  For contract details and a complete list of products and solutions:
Texas DIR - Authorized Reseller, subcontractor for LifeSize and Samsung, conferencing
equipment and monitors including maintenance, repair and warranty service.  For contract details
and a complete list of products and solutions DIR-SDD-2020: Email
GS-35F-0143R, GSA Schedule 70, 2015 Line Card over 350,000 line items - Enterprise
Storage Servers - Document Scanners - Ink & Tonner, Ergonomic Furniture and Office
Systems - Desktops, Workstations - Audio/Video, Headsets, Speakers, Video Conference,
and Accessories - Fax Software and Hardware - Health Care Management Solutions - Digital
Signage Hardware and Self Service Solutions - Bar-coding, Scanning, Readers - Bar-codes,
Tapes, RFID - Digital Forensics - Memory - Degausser and Data Destroyer - Batteries, UPS,
KVMs, and Surge Protectors, PDU's, UPS Systems - Data Protection and Reduplication -
Digital Arms and Training, LCD Displays, Plasma TVs & Touch - Cables - Mounts/TV,
Projector, Whiteboard (Wall, Desk and Arms) - Contract Printing - Contract and Fulfillment
Pkg. - Cellular Solutions - Server/Storage Solution - Printers, Document Management, Multi
Function Laser, Copiers, Digital Senders, MFP Card Printers - Cloud Backup, Recovery and
Virtualization Software - Switches and Modules - Powered Carts/Medical Carts & Accessories
- Network Appliance, Intelligent Sec, VoIP, Telephony, and AV & Security Cabinets -  Secure
Wired & Wireless Connectivity - Printers 3D - PC Cards DVI-D, Splitter Cable, Thin Client,
Zero Client, Cloud Client - RFID, Bar-code, Receipt and Mobile Printing - Notebooks, Laptops,
LTablets & Rugged - Shredders - TAA Peripherals - Unified Communications Systems -
Security, Networking, Storage Sol and Biometrics - System Integration & IT Solutions, VPN
Solution Provider, Smart Strip - Waterproof and Infection Control Pro - National Service
Center - Cloud Infrastructure Hardware / Software - Software.  Maintenance/Repair, Warranty
and Software Licenses available. GS-35F-0143R
For contract details and a complete list of products and solutions: Email
Texas DIR:  Technology based conferencing products covering services, and monitors, including
maintenance, repair, Rental, Leasing and warranty DIR-SDD-2020.
For contract detail and a complete list of products and solutions: Email